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1.2 Being Sutton - She sucks at it

Emma wakes up in Sutton's bed.
In the last episode, Emma runs away from her home in Las Vegas, meets Sutton and takes her place for a few days. Sutton hasn't been heard from since then, and Emma has enlisted the help of Ethan Whitehorse to find out what is going on. Meanwhile, Emma smacks Nisha and someone steals Sutton's laptop.

RECAP- play by play. Don't read if you haven't watched!!

Emma wakes up in Sutton's room; exploring and oops, her phone rings. She checks it and it's Travis, with another threatening message. She goes downstairs for breakfast and- big surprise! There's a father-daughter dance on Sunday and Emma doesn't know how to dance for her life.
Emma fails at dancing with her dad.
Upstairs, Ethan shows up like a stalker and Emma starts packing for LA to find Sutton. They start a back and forth of why Emma can't stay, and why she has to stay, until Ethan plays the "I'm the only one you can trust" card. Dad then shows up, offering Emma his laptop and asking her if she's okay. Of course she's not okay! Sutton's missing! Anyway, Emma plays it off "coolly", tossing her hair back and saying, "Sutton Mercer, she can handle anything". Yeah, that was convincing...

Emma's does a terrible job of acting like Sutton all throughout this episode. While she and Laurel drive to school, they talk about how "Sutton" NEEDS her sister, how there's a video of Emma slapping Nisha, and how the person who stole the laptop was looking for the Lying Games. Like Emma would know anything about that. And I can't believe she passed by their usual coffee stop; the one they've been going to for two years, without a second glance!

At school, Emma finds Nisha and apologizes twice for slapping her and the video, to which Nisha responds with something about Luke being revenge for her. The girls charge in immediately, planning a payback for Nisha.

Emma meets Ethan between two school buses (where so many things from so many TV shows/movies have happened) and he explains the Lying Games and discuss their next move. Then, wouldn't you know it, Laurel shows up and you know that she's going to figure it out. Emma and Ethan makes plans to help her dance better later at 7 at the Chelsea Creek Country Club.
Laurel spies on Emma and Ethan.
After the theme, Laurel's dad practically begs her to go to the dance. And why would Laurel's dad tell her that he loves them equally, when Sutton was the one who was adopted? So messed up. Oh, and now two people need her there? She has to agree now.

Emma pulls up to the club and apparently, Ethan works valet. On her way down the hall, an elderly couple greets Sutton and she replies, "Mr. and Mrs...." all while pointing and smiling without a clue in the world. Hilarious. In the ballroom, they start practicing and Emma sucks. I keep thinking Ethan is going to step on her bare feet, but apparently, she's so bad that she steps on him. I also feel like they're going to have a moment but then Emma asks where he learned to dance like that and he says Sutton taught him.                          

Ballet? Oh, it's Madeline and Charlotte. And while Madeline is getting special attention from the instructor who my cousin thinks is a pedophile, Charlotte gets cut from the recital. No, not just the solo, the WHOLE RECITAL. But she's playing it cool and they go shopping. Also, Mr. Rybak interrogates Emma about Thayer. Not like she knows anything though.
Madeline dances with her ballet teacher.
Ethan is at the police station, looking up stuff about missing people in LA, and lying to his brother. Dan (Ethan's brother) goes on the ramble about how Sutton is trouble, yet little does he know, that's not even Sutton.

Back at Sutton's house, Mads gets a call from Thayer and she gives him the money her dad gave her, and Char finally decides not to lie to her obsessive mother about getting cut from the recital. BTW, BWR=buy wear return; SMT=send money to Thayer.
At Charlotte's house, her mother gives her new ballet flats for her recital, only to find out that her daughter was cut. Being the perfect mother that she is, she argues to call the studio and even has a spat with Emma, who tells her to back off because she should be grateful for her amazing daughter. Mads points out that Emma has lost her mind. You got that right.
Emma stands up for Charlotte.
OMG how many times can I say that Emma a doing a terrible job at being Sutton? She's way too nice. She helps Sutton's mom in the kitchen and they talk about how Mrs. Chamberlin (Phyllis) is a jerk.

In the next scene, we see Ethan and Emma practicing her dancing in the middle of nowhere in a field, and later discussing their situation with Sutton. She says she's just "borrowing" Sutton's life, which is so true!

Later, the girls get ready for the dance at Sutton's house. Apparently, Phyllis, Char's mother, sabotaged Char's father-daughter dance by getting drunk, leaving her dad to take care of her, therefore leaving Char without a partner. Thankfully, Emma's offers to share her dad with Char.
Group photo at the dance!
At the dance, they stop at the door for a picture, and when Emma gets her phone back, she gets reassured by Ethan. Emma ponders the possibility of skipping the dance, but apparently everybody would notice if she didn't. Nisha's still Nisha, and Mr. Mercer and Mr. Rybak share a secret.

AHH!! Mrs. Mercer find's Emma's cell phone in Sutton's room! SHE KNOWS!

Back at the dance, Emma has managed not to mess anything up. They reminisce, Char converses with Laurel  and they both agree that "Sutton" has been acting weird lately. Laurel notices Ethan staring at Emma from the other side of the room, and undoubtedly draws up conclusions. Laurel gets pushed back to the third daughter by Char, and she's not happy about it.

Mads and Mr. Rybak argue about their differences in view when it comes to Thayer. He follows Mads outside to explain how he loves her and her brother, but his anger gets to the best of him and he ends up accusing Emma of being a bad influence to Thayer. Ethan tries to calm Mr. Rybak down, but gets punched in the face. On impulse, Ethan grabs him before he threatens to call security.
Ethan gets mad.
Down at the station, Ethan meets Emma outside and she rushes in after they embrace to tell the cops that she isn't Sutton Mercer, but actually Emma Becker, her twin sister. Unfortunately, Dan, Ethan's brother and also a cop, doesn't believe her because Sutton has called in too many false alarms in the past from doing the Lying Games. Out of nowhere, she gets a text from Sutton telling her to "get online now." Yay! Sutton's not dead!

Mads and Char are just sitting by the pool when Mad's dad calls. "Pretty sure that's who they had in mind when they invented the ignore button".

Mrs. Mercer confronts Emma about her phone, but lets it go because they don't want to lose their daughter. Emma makes up some good excuses for once. Emma goes up to her room and video chats with Sutton, updating her on her life. Sutton tells Emma that everything's alright but she's going to need a few more days in L.A. What Emma doesn't see though, is that Thayer is sitting next to her, out of the webcam's line of view

Laurel is still an eavesdropper. And now she's a tattle tale. She tells her parents about Emma and Ethan's "secret relationship" and when they go up to her room to ask her about it, they find Ethan sitting on her bed, letting Emma tend to his wounds. Bad timing.
Laurel in a bathrobe.
Mr. Rybak is drinking at a bar, while Dan walks up to him and thanks him for dropping the charges on his brother. They both share a knowing joke about how everybody makes mistakes and then says goodnight. Now, what kind of mistake could Dan have?

In the final scene, we watch as a guy meets Mr. Rybak (let's just call him Alec from now on,) to give him Sutton's stolen laptop. Apparently he knows something and is the kind of guy who would bribe  somebody to steal from his own daughter's friend!
Alec meets guy for Sutton's stolen laptop.

Eh, see you next week. =p I promise to shorten the darn thing.

It's 6 hours 'till bedtime; I say watch, don't wait.

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