Tuesday, January 31, 2012

PLL- 2.18 A Kiss Before Lying

Pretty Little Liars - (1/30/2012)
This week, I am continuing the format of writing this episode's recap out of order, just for the sake of organization.
Pretty Little Liars - Caleb and the girls, excluding Hanna, working on a video file.
First of all, all the girls feel bad about lying to Hanna about using Caleb to help them decode "A's" cell phone. Throughout the episode, tensions rise and fall when Hanna thinks the girls are ignoring her out of anger. Later however, she learns the truth and finally confronts Caleb about it, which enables her to forgive her friends. What Caleb gets however, is still important, as it leads to them getting closer to finding out who "A" is. They manage to get a picture of an old fake ID of Ali's which they conclude through lots of epiphanies that Ali must have used as identification for her alter ego to get closer to "A".
Pretty Little Liars - Kate is at Rosewood, smiling.
Hanna-Something's up with Kate. She's finally at Rosewood but she's being a little too nice to Hanna, and it's creepy. Later in the episode however, as illustrated by Spencer's face below, we find out why she is acting so strangely. As for Hanna's relationship with Caleb, it snags a little when she finds out he lied to her about working on "A's" phone but soon, all is forgiven. At the end of the episode however, things once again turn sour for Hanna when she discovers that "A" sent a picture of naked Kate to her entire contacts list (i.e. the whole school and more)
Pretty Little Liars - Spencer's smug face when she finally recalled Kate's secret.
Spencer- It was explained a few episodes back that her family went somewhere to take care of Melissa or something, but it's still kinda weird that she's living alone in her house for weeks now. When Spencer meets Kate at lunch, something isn't right with her. We eventually learn that Spencer recognizes Kate from the past, but doesn't remember where. She's actually starting to sound crazy and obsessed with her outbursts. (DEBATE!) But finally, in the locker room, she remembers and does a pretty slick transition to get to her point. That probably explains her smug face in the picture above. She uses what she remembers as blackmail to get Kate to be nice to Hanna.
Pretty Little Liars - Aria talking to Holden on their "date".
Aria- Nothing really progresses with Aria in this episode except for the fact that she discovers some pretty nasty bruises on Holden's torso during one of their "dates". Ezaria are holding up pretty tight, except for the fact that Byron is trying to ship Ezra away to Illinois (or something).
Pretty Little Liars - Emily finds a note taped to her locker.
Emily- This is definitely Emily's episode. First of all, yay, her mom's back! Which explains the creepy look-a-like "A" note on her locker. (For those of you who don't know/forgot, her mom tapes a note and a cookie to her locker to surprise her.Yes, it's creepy.) But her mom is finally accepting of Emily and is excited to get a fresh start with Maya. At dinner with them though, Maya comes on a little too crazy making "weed jokes" and such, but we later find out that it was partly due to the fact that Maya is still a little upset about being sent away to another school, etc. But here's the good part to the Emaya relationship: as an apology to Emily, Maya decorates her room to depict being underwater, which amazes Emily and leads them to make out and eventually.... well, we don't exactly know what's going to happen but I think I can take a pretty good guess.

Did I miss anything? Well, I probably did but eh. 'Till next week! Oh yea, Garrett is really creepy in this episode. I mean what's his problem? And where the hell did he come from?!?
It's 7 hours 'till bedtime; I say watch, don't wait.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

2.17 Blond Leading the Blind

Pretty Little Liars - (1/24/2012)
Let's just keep it simple this week okay? 

Spencer- She and Toby have had some rough patches, but when Toby falls off the construction platform and breaks his arm, Spencer realizes that they can no longer be together if he is to be safe from "A". So, she asks Emily to tell him that she kissed another guy or something (was that what she said, because I didn't hear her) because she doesn't have the guts to do it herself. And here she is, crying about her troubles.
Pretty Little Liars - Spencer cries by her rain-streaked window.
Emily- We have not yet heard from Maya, but I'm pretty sure we'll get to Emily's drama within the next few episodes. 
Pretty Little Liars - Caleb discovers a shocking video about Garrett.

Hanna- Last week it was poor Emily; this week is poor Hanna. She and Caleb get into another fight, this time over Caleb's welfare over what he should/shouldn't know. Hanna is so crazy-mother protective that she grabs the USB drive of Caleb's hard decoding work and blends it. Yes, blends it, in the blender. Needless to say, she broke a perfectly good appliance. But her misfortune doesn't stop there. Even though Hanna may be putting her foot down, the rest of the Liars disagree. They instead tell Caleb some things to keep him working on the files and keep it all a secret from Hanna.

Aria- While everybody's breaking hearts, Aria once again teams up with Holden to get back her true love. She leaves a message for Ezra to meet her at the clock somewhere at 8, but he doesn't even check the message until his student reminds hims to "pursue your heart" and it's too late. Nevertheless, he drives into town while the rain is pouring, gets out of the car in the middle of the street, and runs over to kiss her. Is it a thing with them, kissing in the rain, or does that just make it more dramatic? And, remember when Aria's mother almost catches Aria in the act but is then saved by Holden who has already pre-planned for this moment and brings desserts as a cover? That was genius.

And of course there are other little things and discoveries. Turns out that creepy NAT club that Jason, Ian, and Garrett were apart of were in Ali's room the night she disappeared. Except Jason wasn't there and Jenna was. Creepy. Speaking of Jenna, after Hanna and Mona made up as friends and left the bathroom, Jenna came out of a stall looking like a serial killer. Also, looks like she's interested in Noel now, as seen when she is seemingly on a dinner date with him. Finally though, the masked murderer "A" is revealed to have been after Ali before he/she was after the Liars, and in the end scene, "A" cut up pictures of Spencer and Toby kissing and ____and _____ kissing (Who else? I forgot.) and then burned them. What could that mean?

Here's a promo of the next episode, 2.18 A Kiss Before Lying
It's 5 hours 'till bedtime; I say watch, don't wait.

Lying Game posts will not be continued, and more...

Maybe you have or haven't noticed, but I didn't post about last week's episode and I will not continue posting on the Lying Games again. It has become so unbearably boring that this week, I found myself eager to organize 150 crayons rather than pay attention to the show. Therefore, I will cease posting on episodes of the Lying Game for an uncertain amount of time, possibly forever. I will however, continue to my weekly Pretty Little Liars Posts and continue working on other types of posts for your enjoyment.

It's 6 hours 'till bedtime; I say watch, don't wait.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

2.16 Let the Water Hold Me Down

Pretty Little Liars (1/16/11)
Pretty Little Liars - Hanna drinks lake water
After climbing out of the lake, Hanna is now inside, somewhere, being taken care of by the other girls. I laughed when Hanna drank the lake water, but I have some concerns: Didn't it look like coffee? and, did the line "That's lake water" said by Aria sound like it was a voice over added later? Weird. Lucas is still missing, and Hanna is scared that he might come back to kill her, since they figure out that he might be "A" and "A" has been hiding out in the attic of Spencer's lake house.
Pretty Little Liars - Toy boat in the sink
At school, Holden asks Aria out on a date, although Aria uses it as a cover to run into Ezra. Hanna and Mona are in a cat fight since Hanna is selfish and isn't listening and being there for Mona. Although Mona may be clueless sometimes, she's actually a loyal friend and she's right. Hanna, upset, goes into the bathroom to cry. She is forced out of her stall though, when the sink begins to flood, discovering that "A" has been in there, setting up a boat in the sink to mock Hanna. Emily gets a creepy call but it turns out it's only Maya. Still, it's scary when she goes, "See you later" in that mock-deep voice of hers. 
Pretty Little Liars - Smitty's Newsstand
Later, Spencer and Aria buy train tickets to Philadelphia to check out the place advertised on the receipt they found in "A's" attic stash. Meanwhile, Hanna and Caleb get into an argument about Lucas, ending with Caleb leaving to go find him. They disagree on the importance of finding Lucas; Caleb wants to go look for him and we all know why Hanna doesn't. Spencer and Aria figure their trip was a bust, but after Aria leaves for the date that she's morally questioning, Spencer makes a shocking discovery: there are a lot of blind people in this area. With a little more digging, she finds the rehabilitation center for the blind that Jenna went to, and discovers some shocking facts about her after talking with one of her friends. Before she leaves, she steals one of the sign-in books from the receptionist who, by the way, is a bitch.
Pretty Little Liars - Emily's disturbed face
 As for Emily and Maya, everything seems to be going well except for the fact that Maya has been getting some odd phone calls lately, causing her to act detached and ultimately, worrying Emily that "A" might be harassing her too. Later, Emily borrows Aria's fake ID for Maya for the place they are going to, and Aria goes to meet Holden at the Rangely Playhouse (a theater) while paranoid Hanna stays home alone. Caleb hasn't come back yet, and Hanna is worried. After the movie or play, or whatever, Holden tells her that he knows what her ulterior motives were for the date and they agree to some sort of arrangement. On her way home, Spencer runs into Mona who has apparently been shopping her troubles away and gives her advice on her breakup with Noel. Also, Maya reveals her secret to Emily: she hooked up with someone during their time apart, and it's a GUY!?! 

Finally, the episode launches into it's weekly expected intensity. The back door flies open in Hanna's house but she lock it too late, because someone is already inside!! GASP "A" is in her house! Although to me it looks like Lucas, we'll see in a minute whether it really is or not and if he/she is going to kill Hanna. Eh, I lied, I'll tell you now. It IS Lucas! And he looks positively creepy.
Pretty Little Liars - Lucas is agitated
 Anyway, just as it seems like Lucas is going to kill her, Caleb is summoned and Lucas spills everything. As it turns out, it was all a misunderstanding. Instead of being "A's" helper, he was being eaten by the guilt of losing all of Caleb's money. Fortunately, he sold his comics and was able to pay back some money, although things are far from resolved.

It's 3 hours 'till bedtime; I say watch, don't wait.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

2.15 "A Hot Piece of 'A' "

Pretty Little Liars (1/09/2012)
Pretty Little Liars - Garrett talks to Toby.
This week's episode picks up right where the last one leaves off, when the girls gather inside the greenhouse after discovering "A's" cell phone. Everybody but Hanna wants to take it to Caleb in hopes that he can crack open the lock for them, but they proceed anyway. Unfortunately, they can only get a few files before "A" disables the phone.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

1.12 "When We Dead Awaken" - We Turn Into Creatures of the Night

The Lying Game (1/09/2012)
The Lying Game - Mads, Char, and Emma hug it out.
This episode picks off exactly where the last one ended. Ethan and Thayer think that this is just another one of Sutton's "Lying Games" and make a plan to try to beat Sutton at her own game. In addition, Phyllis has fallen off the wagon and is admitted to a rehabilitation facility by none other than Rebecca, who is coincidentally also trying to get custody of Char.

Friday, January 6, 2012

4.27 Who Will Be the Family Wizard (Series Finale)

Wizard of Waverly Place title card
That Wizards of Waverly Place episode sucked.

 What a disappointing ending to a fantastic series. Unfortunately, it was anticlimactic and unsatisfying. The acting was so bad that I couldn't tell if MarĂ­a Canals Barrera was serious or sarcastic. The most emotional part of the episode was when Justin and Max Russo finally forgave and apologized to Alex, and even that was expected; it had been done before. 

Honestly, it was the worst moment in Wizards history. I felt nothing. It didn't make me laugh, cry, feel sorry for any of them. At least, not as much as it was supposed to. It was truly disappointing.

 I don't even want to know what was going through Vince Cheung, Ben Montanio, and Todd J. Greenwald's (writers of the episode) minds when they wrote that and decided that it was the ending to Diney Channel's longest running series since That's So Raven.

Cast of Wizards of Waverly Place
It's tragic really, but I'll still always remember Wizards by my personal favorite episode, "Wizards vs. Werewolves"; it contained action, comedy, romance, and most importantly, had depth. Selena Gomez's heartbreaking scene in the middle of that episode really had me rooting for her. And, let's not forget her amazing performance in "Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie". Her character developed so much in that movie and it was full of so many great scenes. That was the most definitely the best moment in Wizards history. 

I just feel that "Who Will Be the Family Wizard" didn't live up to all the hype and certainly did not deserve to be the final note in the series. It seemed like something they just threw in to end the show. Like nothing was thought out twice, like they just tied up the loose ends in the simplest way possible, regardless of the lack of content.

It's bedtime; and I say watch, don't wait.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

1.11 O Twin, Where Art Thou - Probably Dead, by the Looks of It

The Lying Game: (1/2/12 Winter Premier)
The Lying Game - Why are Emma and Ethan confused?
The Lying Game is back, starting right where it left off, although I must say the episode was kind of slow. But anyway, let's get on with the show!

2.14 Through Many Dangers, Toils and Snares

Pretty Little Liars: (1/2/12 Winter Premier)
Pretty Little Liars - Spencer and Emily fight.
What an exciting return for Pretty Little Liars! We have recently learned that the identity of "A" will be revealed this spring, and another thing: a beloved character will die! (by the end of the season) This is of course, excluding the four female leads.