Tuesday, January 31, 2012

PLL- 2.18 A Kiss Before Lying

Pretty Little Liars - (1/30/2012)
This week, I am continuing the format of writing this episode's recap out of order, just for the sake of organization.
Pretty Little Liars - Caleb and the girls, excluding Hanna, working on a video file.
First of all, all the girls feel bad about lying to Hanna about using Caleb to help them decode "A's" cell phone. Throughout the episode, tensions rise and fall when Hanna thinks the girls are ignoring her out of anger. Later however, she learns the truth and finally confronts Caleb about it, which enables her to forgive her friends. What Caleb gets however, is still important, as it leads to them getting closer to finding out who "A" is. They manage to get a picture of an old fake ID of Ali's which they conclude through lots of epiphanies that Ali must have used as identification for her alter ego to get closer to "A".
Pretty Little Liars - Kate is at Rosewood, smiling.
Hanna-Something's up with Kate. She's finally at Rosewood but she's being a little too nice to Hanna, and it's creepy. Later in the episode however, as illustrated by Spencer's face below, we find out why she is acting so strangely. As for Hanna's relationship with Caleb, it snags a little when she finds out he lied to her about working on "A's" phone but soon, all is forgiven. At the end of the episode however, things once again turn sour for Hanna when she discovers that "A" sent a picture of naked Kate to her entire contacts list (i.e. the whole school and more)
Pretty Little Liars - Spencer's smug face when she finally recalled Kate's secret.
Spencer- It was explained a few episodes back that her family went somewhere to take care of Melissa or something, but it's still kinda weird that she's living alone in her house for weeks now. When Spencer meets Kate at lunch, something isn't right with her. We eventually learn that Spencer recognizes Kate from the past, but doesn't remember where. She's actually starting to sound crazy and obsessed with her outbursts. (DEBATE!) But finally, in the locker room, she remembers and does a pretty slick transition to get to her point. That probably explains her smug face in the picture above. She uses what she remembers as blackmail to get Kate to be nice to Hanna.
Pretty Little Liars - Aria talking to Holden on their "date".
Aria- Nothing really progresses with Aria in this episode except for the fact that she discovers some pretty nasty bruises on Holden's torso during one of their "dates". Ezaria are holding up pretty tight, except for the fact that Byron is trying to ship Ezra away to Illinois (or something).
Pretty Little Liars - Emily finds a note taped to her locker.
Emily- This is definitely Emily's episode. First of all, yay, her mom's back! Which explains the creepy look-a-like "A" note on her locker. (For those of you who don't know/forgot, her mom tapes a note and a cookie to her locker to surprise her.Yes, it's creepy.) But her mom is finally accepting of Emily and is excited to get a fresh start with Maya. At dinner with them though, Maya comes on a little too crazy making "weed jokes" and such, but we later find out that it was partly due to the fact that Maya is still a little upset about being sent away to another school, etc. But here's the good part to the Emaya relationship: as an apology to Emily, Maya decorates her room to depict being underwater, which amazes Emily and leads them to make out and eventually.... well, we don't exactly know what's going to happen but I think I can take a pretty good guess.

Did I miss anything? Well, I probably did but eh. 'Till next week! Oh yea, Garrett is really creepy in this episode. I mean what's his problem? And where the hell did he come from?!?
It's 7 hours 'till bedtime; I say watch, don't wait.

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