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2.16 Let the Water Hold Me Down

Pretty Little Liars (1/16/11)
Pretty Little Liars - Hanna drinks lake water
After climbing out of the lake, Hanna is now inside, somewhere, being taken care of by the other girls. I laughed when Hanna drank the lake water, but I have some concerns: Didn't it look like coffee? and, did the line "That's lake water" said by Aria sound like it was a voice over added later? Weird. Lucas is still missing, and Hanna is scared that he might come back to kill her, since they figure out that he might be "A" and "A" has been hiding out in the attic of Spencer's lake house.
Pretty Little Liars - Toy boat in the sink
At school, Holden asks Aria out on a date, although Aria uses it as a cover to run into Ezra. Hanna and Mona are in a cat fight since Hanna is selfish and isn't listening and being there for Mona. Although Mona may be clueless sometimes, she's actually a loyal friend and she's right. Hanna, upset, goes into the bathroom to cry. She is forced out of her stall though, when the sink begins to flood, discovering that "A" has been in there, setting up a boat in the sink to mock Hanna. Emily gets a creepy call but it turns out it's only Maya. Still, it's scary when she goes, "See you later" in that mock-deep voice of hers. 
Pretty Little Liars - Smitty's Newsstand
Later, Spencer and Aria buy train tickets to Philadelphia to check out the place advertised on the receipt they found in "A's" attic stash. Meanwhile, Hanna and Caleb get into an argument about Lucas, ending with Caleb leaving to go find him. They disagree on the importance of finding Lucas; Caleb wants to go look for him and we all know why Hanna doesn't. Spencer and Aria figure their trip was a bust, but after Aria leaves for the date that she's morally questioning, Spencer makes a shocking discovery: there are a lot of blind people in this area. With a little more digging, she finds the rehabilitation center for the blind that Jenna went to, and discovers some shocking facts about her after talking with one of her friends. Before she leaves, she steals one of the sign-in books from the receptionist who, by the way, is a bitch.
Pretty Little Liars - Emily's disturbed face
 As for Emily and Maya, everything seems to be going well except for the fact that Maya has been getting some odd phone calls lately, causing her to act detached and ultimately, worrying Emily that "A" might be harassing her too. Later, Emily borrows Aria's fake ID for Maya for the place they are going to, and Aria goes to meet Holden at the Rangely Playhouse (a theater) while paranoid Hanna stays home alone. Caleb hasn't come back yet, and Hanna is worried. After the movie or play, or whatever, Holden tells her that he knows what her ulterior motives were for the date and they agree to some sort of arrangement. On her way home, Spencer runs into Mona who has apparently been shopping her troubles away and gives her advice on her breakup with Noel. Also, Maya reveals her secret to Emily: she hooked up with someone during their time apart, and it's a GUY!?! 

Finally, the episode launches into it's weekly expected intensity. The back door flies open in Hanna's house but she lock it too late, because someone is already inside!! GASP "A" is in her house! Although to me it looks like Lucas, we'll see in a minute whether it really is or not and if he/she is going to kill Hanna. Eh, I lied, I'll tell you now. It IS Lucas! And he looks positively creepy.
Pretty Little Liars - Lucas is agitated
 Anyway, just as it seems like Lucas is going to kill her, Caleb is summoned and Lucas spills everything. As it turns out, it was all a misunderstanding. Instead of being "A's" helper, he was being eaten by the guilt of losing all of Caleb's money. Fortunately, he sold his comics and was able to pay back some money, although things are far from resolved.

It's 3 hours 'till bedtime; I say watch, don't wait.

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