Tuesday, January 24, 2012

2.17 Blond Leading the Blind

Pretty Little Liars - (1/24/2012)
Let's just keep it simple this week okay? 

Spencer- She and Toby have had some rough patches, but when Toby falls off the construction platform and breaks his arm, Spencer realizes that they can no longer be together if he is to be safe from "A". So, she asks Emily to tell him that she kissed another guy or something (was that what she said, because I didn't hear her) because she doesn't have the guts to do it herself. And here she is, crying about her troubles.
Pretty Little Liars - Spencer cries by her rain-streaked window.
Emily- We have not yet heard from Maya, but I'm pretty sure we'll get to Emily's drama within the next few episodes. 
Pretty Little Liars - Caleb discovers a shocking video about Garrett.

Hanna- Last week it was poor Emily; this week is poor Hanna. She and Caleb get into another fight, this time over Caleb's welfare over what he should/shouldn't know. Hanna is so crazy-mother protective that she grabs the USB drive of Caleb's hard decoding work and blends it. Yes, blends it, in the blender. Needless to say, she broke a perfectly good appliance. But her misfortune doesn't stop there. Even though Hanna may be putting her foot down, the rest of the Liars disagree. They instead tell Caleb some things to keep him working on the files and keep it all a secret from Hanna.

Aria- While everybody's breaking hearts, Aria once again teams up with Holden to get back her true love. She leaves a message for Ezra to meet her at the clock somewhere at 8, but he doesn't even check the message until his student reminds hims to "pursue your heart" and it's too late. Nevertheless, he drives into town while the rain is pouring, gets out of the car in the middle of the street, and runs over to kiss her. Is it a thing with them, kissing in the rain, or does that just make it more dramatic? And, remember when Aria's mother almost catches Aria in the act but is then saved by Holden who has already pre-planned for this moment and brings desserts as a cover? That was genius.

And of course there are other little things and discoveries. Turns out that creepy NAT club that Jason, Ian, and Garrett were apart of were in Ali's room the night she disappeared. Except Jason wasn't there and Jenna was. Creepy. Speaking of Jenna, after Hanna and Mona made up as friends and left the bathroom, Jenna came out of a stall looking like a serial killer. Also, looks like she's interested in Noel now, as seen when she is seemingly on a dinner date with him. Finally though, the masked murderer "A" is revealed to have been after Ali before he/she was after the Liars, and in the end scene, "A" cut up pictures of Spencer and Toby kissing and ____and _____ kissing (Who else? I forgot.) and then burned them. What could that mean?

Here's a promo of the next episode, 2.18 A Kiss Before Lying
It's 5 hours 'till bedtime; I say watch, don't wait.

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