Wednesday, January 11, 2012

1.12 "When We Dead Awaken" - We Turn Into Creatures of the Night

The Lying Game (1/09/2012)
The Lying Game - Mads, Char, and Emma hug it out.
This episode picks off exactly where the last one ended. Ethan and Thayer think that this is just another one of Sutton's "Lying Games" and make a plan to try to beat Sutton at her own game. In addition, Phyllis has fallen off the wagon and is admitted to a rehabilitation facility by none other than Rebecca, who is coincidentally also trying to get custody of Char.

The Lying Game - A mess at Char's house.
At school, Emma confronts Derek about his break up with Char and we are again reminded of what terrible deeds he has done for Alec. This is undoubtedly a sign that marks the return of Alec's horrible plans. Meanwhile, Emma is seen playing tennis by a scout and considers his offers for attending Ted's alma mater.With this new opprotunity, Emma, Ethan, and Thayer hatch a plan to lure out Sutton by using her name for Emma's personal reasons (getting into college). (After they backed out about telling the cops because Dan and Alec were in his trailer, arguing.)
The Lying Game - Items in Justin's secret box.
While Sutton is away visiting the college with her dad, Laurel is getting her heart broken by Justin, who unexpectedly breaks up with her. In a small little scene, we learn a little more about Justin's secrets when he kicks his box, frustrated. Char has to leave and live with her dad due to her mother's condition. And still, Ted, Alec, and Rebecca are trying to keep their secrets buried, whatever it is. Later, Justin dumps the items from the box into the fireplace, while Ted silently lurks in the shadows.
The Lying Game - Sutton is revealed to be alive!
Sutton has disappeared and hasn't come back yet. Thayer returns after being gone all day and proposes that Sutton's dead, and he just might know who killed her.They go to the Mercer house to discuss it some more; apparently Thayer has new information about Annie Hobbs (things we already know) and thinks that she killed Sutton for whatever crazy reason. They mourn, mourn, mourn, and every make us believe that she's dead. And just when it couldn't get anymore twisted.... BAM! Suttons' alive!

My conversation about the Lying Game.
It's 4 hours 'till bedtime; I say watch, don't wait.

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