Thursday, January 12, 2012

2.15 "A Hot Piece of 'A' "

Pretty Little Liars (1/09/2012)
Pretty Little Liars - Garrett talks to Toby.
This week's episode picks up right where the last one leaves off, when the girls gather inside the greenhouse after discovering "A's" cell phone. Everybody but Hanna wants to take it to Caleb in hopes that he can crack open the lock for them, but they proceed anyway. Unfortunately, they can only get a few files before "A" disables the phone.

Pretty Little Liars - Caleb helps the Liars crack the phone.
Pretty Little Liars - Bryon tells Aria to change clothes.
The next day, Aria feels Byron's wrath when he tell her to change into something more appropriate for school. At school, Hanna still isn't happy with Caleb getting involved and Lucas's jealousy is showing. Meanwhile, Spencer apologizes to Toby and they make out in his car until they hear Garrett coming up and talking on the phone with Jenna. From his conversation we can tell that he and Jenna are plotting together and they recruited someone else that ultimately ruined their plans.
Pretty Little Liars - Emily reading a transcript.
Back at school, Ella ambushes Emily with a crazy mother question (it was vague though) about Aria's relationship with Ezra. Aria's been using Hanna's cell phone to call Ezra due to her increasing paranoia (just kidding), and Emily runs to community service. At the Marin house, Hanna studies with Lucas and then discusses Caleb's birthday party at Spencer's lake house. At Emily's volunteering service at the Crisis Hotline place, she reads with the instructor one half of the practice transcript, and realizes that the call she's reading sounds like it came from "A" after he/she lost his/her phone. Later, Byron visits Ezra for reasons I can't explain. I think he kind of threatened him to never see Aria again.
Pretty Little Liars - A picture of dolls found on "A's" phone.
Emily shows the girls her stolen copy of the transcript before they are interrupted by Caleb who shows them a picture on "A's" phone. It's those creepy dolls posed up against a dirty and ripped wall. While Ella andBryon argue about what's best for Aria, Hanna pays a visit to Mr. Fitz and delivers some words of encouragement. 
Pretty Little Liars - Emily and Spencer listen into the transcript caller.
At the crisis hotline place, Emily and Spencer listen in on the transcript caller and now believe that Lucas is "A's" helper. Hanna, however, refuses to believe that her friend could be capable of doing that. Things are going downhill fast. Seems like Ezra is taking Byron's threat seriously and Garrett is as distraught as ever. Spencer and Hanna are getting ready for the party when Spencer discovers something creepy after Hanna leaves to answer the door: The picture of the dolls on "A's" phone reflect the wallpaper in Spencer's attic! Lucas then suddenly appears, and gives such creepy answers to Spencer's prying questions that it's no wonder why Spencer thinks he is guilty! Conflicts between Ella and Byron come out again as they argue about their differing opinions of Aria's relationship, after seeing him in the restaurant they were about to eat at.
Pretty Little Liars - Lucas talking to Emily through the hotline.
Meanwhile, Emily is about to leave the hotline center when she answers one more call from...Lucas. He talks about needing to do this, blah blah blah. Man, can these Pretty Little Liars spin a story. I personally don't think he had anything to do with "A", I just think this is all a big misunderstanding and that the "thing" Lucas
has to do is tell Hanna that he loves her or something. That's how I see it. Emily then subtly talks to Lucas about not making the wrong decisions, which probably made it worse. Also, Aria is now presumably walking home from dinner and they all run into old friends, Ron and his son Holden, which they invite to dinner. Awkward.

So, Spencer and Emily find out that Lucas and Hanna are out on the lake going to set up the fireworks. Obviously not literally; they think that Lucas is going to hurt Hanna or something. We'll see. Lucas can be really creepy sometimes. And the girls sometimes totally misread situations. And let's not forget Spencer's scratchy voice! Why do the writers insist on having Spencer yell all the time? Anyway, Lucas gets increasingly angry which causes him to, in a fit of rage, throw the box of firecrackers overboard, but before he does, Hanna hit him in the back with a paddle and he is the one who falls overboard.
Pretty Little Liars - Hanna knocks Lucas overboard.
Pretty Little Liars - After Hanna emerges form the lake.
Hanna attempts to row back to shore, but her paddle gets pulled and she falls overboard too. After a while, bystanders start appearing as Hanna emerges from the lake like a swamp monster. What a surprise for Caleb.  Next, they focus a little too long on the overturned boat, as if suggesting that Lucas died since he didn't seem to make it back to the shore. Finally, the episode ends with "A" retrieving Lucas's shoe.
Pretty Little Liars - Lucas's shoe in the lake.
It's 6 hours 'till bedtime; I say watch, don't wait.

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