Tuesday, February 7, 2012

PLL 2.19 The Naked Truth

Pretty Little Liars - (2/7/2012)

So for context purposes: to punish Hanna for sending the picture of naked Kate to the entire school, they both have to participate in "Truth Up", an overnight activity at the school. Obviously, the rest of the girls follow suit and join in too.
Pretty Little Liars - Pills from Holden's bag.
She and Holden are stuck in their arrangement. Ever since seeing the bruise on his torso, Aria ha been worrying over excessively. To make matter worse, Aria sees a bag of pills fall out of his bag, which then leads her to assume that he is somehow involved in drugs. We actually don't know for sure though, because he never accepted nor denied her theory.
Pretty Little Liars - Jason as a "Truth Up" volunteer
Jason's back, and so are Spencer's  parents, who volunteer at the "Truth Up!" lock down thing. Unfortunately, Spencer's father keep avoiding Jason, which just makes Spencer even more determined to find out their secret. As it turns out, Jason is Spencer's half brother. Fans of the book series like me could already see that coming a mile away.
Pretty Little Liars - Mona threatening the principal.

Ever since her rejection from swimming, she has been holding in feeling of anger that we haven't seen before. But during one of the activities at the lock down, she spoke out and practically blamed the principal for treating her unfairly and making her feel unsafe. In return, he practically threatened her to keep her mouth shut. With the help of Mona however, they broke into his office and searched for evidence of his crimes, favoring boys over girls athletics. Of course, I'm not trying to make it sound like Emily wanted to blackmail the principal, but peer pressure can do a lot of things.
Pretty Little Liars - Aria and Emily recording Kate's conversation.
Hanna- Her relationship with Caleb has gotten better since their lies to each other, but now "A" is trying to rip them apart (as predicted in the final "A" scene). Also, I though Hanna was going to spill about "A" to her mother when they had that emotional conversation about Hanna's stance on the picture incident, whether she actually did it, or if she was framed. But, one of my favorite scenes was when Hanna discovered that Kate was lying, that she was the one who sent her own picture, and got her to confess. Here it is. Hanna: "Y'know, maybe it's time I really take a picture of you Kate." Looks over at the bathroom stalls "Aria, can I borrow your phone?" Aria and Emily step out nonchalantly holding their phones. "Yea, in a minute, I'm using it though," Looks at Kate. "to record this conversation." (Eh, you'll just have to watch it to appreciate it's genius)
Pretty Little Liars - Noel and Jenna snuggling on a bench.
When did Noel get so creepy? It's just like the time they made Lucas suspicious to us, just to stir up the pot. But, it's not just him, he and Jenna and supposedly "together" in more ways than one. (And by that, I mean, they have a creepy secret.) Why do they have to make everything so overly dramatic? Sometimes, it's frustrating, but in a "I want to watch more" way.
Pretty Little Liars - The Liars staring at Alison's red raincoat.
As for the claim ticket they got in the previous episode, Spencer went and picked up a red raincoat, with a phone number in the pocket. It seemed like a dead end until the end of the episode, when a guy called repeatedly and the girls set up a meeting with him to discuss Ali's alter ego, "Vivian".

It's 7 hours 'till bedtime; I say watch, don't wait.

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