Tuesday, February 14, 2012

PLL 2.20 - CTRL:A

Pretty Little Liars - 
Pretty Little Liars - Maya holding up an Emily swimming poster.
Pretty Little Liars recap below!!

Pretty Little Liars - Guy that Vivian owes money to.
Spencer -
The girls are one step closer to finding out what Alison knew about "A" when they meet with he guy who knew "Vivian". To get the information out of him however, they need to pay him back a debt that "Vivian" owed him, $2,000. Luckily for Spencer, Jason told her that Ali had tons of money stashed away from some secret blackmailing operation that they could possibly use if Jason cooperates. Meanwhile, her relationship with her father and with Jason develop when she decides to trust her father's word.
Pretty Little Liars - Security camera picture of Hanna, Spencer, and Emily dressed as nurses in front of the morgue.
Hanna -
Hanna got called into the station because of a photo taken by the security camera of the girls in the hospital dressed up as nurses. Wilden thinks they stole the missing page of the autopsy report, but you've got to admit, they are looking guiltier by the second. The last time we saw Caleb, he was sleeping and "A" stole his laptop. Now we know that "A" took it to plant incriminating files into his hard drive so that he would be arrested and gotten "rid of". In a very pivotal scene in the show, he unlocks his computer for the police, activating it so that Hanna can erase the "A" planted file before the police read it. Get it? It's just so frustrating when Hanna can't remember the last four numbers of his password, 1105, and when she waits so long to delete the files, the police have already clicked on it. Fortunately, the evidence gets erased before they have a chance to examine it, and Caleb is off the hook. BTW, the title of the episode refers to this scene, and Spencer keeps telling Hanna to delete the files quickly by pressing CTRL:A. Funny and exciting stuff.
Pretty Little Liars - Emily catches Maya lighting up a joint.
So everything seems to be going well for Emily since she's back on the swim team, but Maya brings up that her mom found an old joint in her room and she's going to be sent back to True North. Later, at the team party at Hanna's house, we can tell that Maya is still upset even after Emily comforted her, and we see her fall off the wagon when Emily catches her in the process of  lighting up the joint. And I remember thinking, "what the hell is wrong with you Maya, Emily's so good to you!! Maya just wants to run away and doesn't want to listen to Emily's reason.
Pretty Little Liars - Holden fighting in a Martial Arts tournament.
Aria's night goes a little crazy, since "A" tried to get Byron to catch Aria in the act of seeing Ezra, and the fact that Aria learned that Holden has a heart condition. Anyway, she ditches her date to check on Holden at his martial arts fight, which by the way, is his secret. I'm sure we were all thinking the same thing when Holden was getting punched and kicked in the fight, and it was "He's gonna die". You can even see it on Aria's face. But thanks to the writers who thought it was a good idea to have us worry about something like this when there a bigger things to worry about, like the fact that we are trying to find out who "A" is. Luckily for Aria, her concern for Holden failed "A"'s plan to get Bryon to catch Aria and Ezra together. Looks like "A" actually failed twice in this episode! Amazing right? But don't worry, "A"'s going to get his/her revenge.

At the end of the episode, Emily leaves a sympathetic message on Maya's phone just before we see "A"'s perspective looking into Emily's window like a stalker.

It's 7 hours 'till bedtime; I say watch, don't wait.

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