Tuesday, February 21, 2012

PLL - 1.21 Breaking The Code

Pretty Little Liars - Definitely spoilers ahead.
Pretty Little Liars - Aria and Spencer pay for information.

Yay! I'm so excited that Paige is back! I can't say the same for Melissa though. Anyway, now that the girls have the $2,000 to pay that guy for info, they meet him and get an address, which they plan on investigating later.
Pretty Little Liars - "A" threatens Mona to expose Hanna's mom's secret.

Sheesh,  how much free time does "A" have to go after all these people? First Byron, now Mona? But luckily, Mona's Hanna's best friend and their friendship prevails over "A's" threats to either destroy Hanna's mom's reputation or to expose Mona's shoplifting. But "A's" not done yet, he/she definitely has more tricks up his/her sleeve.
Pretty Little Liars - Paige asks Emily to help ask for money from local businesses for the swim team.
Emily -
So Paige reveals that she came out to her parents all thanks to Emily's great experience. They even become closer as friends when Emily helps her sell ads for the swim team program. Sounds great, but whats with Maya? Emily's going crazy because she isn't returning any of her calls, and even thinks she sees her at a restaurant. When it turns out it isn't her, she starts getting emotional and walks out crying, bumping into Paige. 
Pretty Little Liars - Emily rejects Paige's attempt to kiss her.
After comforting Emily, she leans in for a kiss, only to get pushed away by Emily. Of course, both girls acted out of impulse, as Paige still likes Emily despite Emily's obvious feelings about Maya. At the end of the episode, a police officer shows up at her door and apparently, something happened to Maya! I'm guessing it's something drug related, either she overdosed (which would be so sad!) or she just got caught with them. Otherwise, it may be that she stuck with her plan and took off for San Francisco.
Pretty Little Liars - Aria's crying face after she and Ezra "broke up".
Aria -
Oh no, Ezria fans just about died this week because they broke up! Want proof? Look at her face! Later: Holy crap, Ella's at the door of Ezra's apartment. Apparently she's coming around, since she disagrees with Byron's approach to the situation and just wants to understand. How nice.  
Pretty Little Liars - Spencer and Melissa talk about their parents and Jason DiLaurentis.
Spencer -
Melissa takes the fact that Jason is her brother pretty well. But, there's a secret about her. Why was she at Alison's house the night of her murder, as another portion of the decrypted video revealed. At least Spencer defended her sister when Hanna so eagerly suggested to turn in the pregnant Melissa.
Pretty Little Liars - Spencer talks with Wren at a bar.
Meanwhile, Spencer's drunk! If I'm not mistaken, this is the third time we have seen a drunken character on Pretty Little Liars. Upset that Melissa ditched her to go off somewhere with the increasingly creepy Garrett, she drinks shot after shot at the bar and goes home with Wren, who just happened to show up. At his house, she hits on him, but being the nice guy, he doesn't take advantage of her and lets her sleep on his couch until the next morning, when she awakes to find out she is late for school.
Pretty Little Liars - An old man screams through the window at Aria and the others.
The girls (minus Spencer) go visit that address that they got, only to discover that they may have gotten scammed. My ear drums shattered when my sister screamed as the old man came out of his house. I'll admit, it was creepy and sudden, but was it ear-piercing scream worthy? That's a little over the top don't you think? But, they find out later that the piece of mail they managed to grab did have a connection to their mystery. Apparently, Melissa worked at a specific law firm as an intern, the company that closed down years ago yet has it's mail being sent to that address. 

In the end, we see "A" shooting a target as if to practice actually killing somebody.

It's 6 hours 'till bedtime; I say watch, don't wait. 

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