Monday, March 5, 2012

PLL 2.22 Father Knows Best

Pretty Little Liars -
Pretty Little Liars - Spencer poses for a photo with her father at the Father Daughter Dance.
My apologies for not making a recap this week. Busy, busy, busy. I f you would still like to read a recap, here's a link to site that writes detailed and hilarious Pretty Little Liars recaps among other things. But for now, here's some things about the episode. SPOILERS BELOW.

Pretty Little Liars - Emily talks to her father.
Maya's still missing, but thanks to Emily's father, she now knows that she went to the bus station but instead of going to San Francisco, she got into the car of some guy.
Pretty Little Liars - Hanna confronts Ashley, her mother.
Hanna's upset that her father couldn't make it to the Father Daughter dance, and confronts her mother about Wilden. Ashley is obviously worried about Hanna, and asks to see her phone, but Hanna knows better and chucks it into the water filled sink.
Pretty Little Liars - Spencer snoops around her father's office.
Spencer discovers that Melissa has been confiding in Garrett lately, which we can all agree is creepy. Also, she distrusts her father some much that she snoops at his desk for proof of blackmailing, and later, when she comes clean about it, her father calls the cops on an account of a stolen handgun.
Pretty Little Liars - Aria talks to Byron, her father.
Aria tells her dad that she is not his "little girl" anymore then gets picked to be the "Liar" of the evening, spinning a story to Ashley Marin that she is "A". For course, Ashley calls her bluff and discusses it with Ella the next morning.

In the end, they get another tip from that guy and head over to the creepy doll shop. And apparently Aria is cold, because she goes to the trunk and puts on the dead girl's red raincoat, instantly transforming her into Vivian Darkbloom who apparently still gets recognized postmortem. "A" is holding a newspaper that declares Maya as officially missing.

All photos courtesy of ABC Family.

It's 7 hours 'till bedtime; I say watch, don't wait.

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