Saturday, March 17, 2012

PLL 2.24 If These Dolls Could Talk

Pretty Little Liars - 
Creepiest show ever.
Pretty Little Liars - Aria, Emily, Spencer, and Hanna come closer to finding out Alison's secrets.
(Not in chronological order. But it mostly is.)
Pretty Little Liars - Alison is seen by Spencer in the middle of the night.
A drugged-up Spencer wakes up in the middle of the night and sees Ali in her house, and later thinks that Ali really visited her, just like the time Emily saw Ali. And later, she shows Melissa the video of her storming into Ali's room the night of her murder, which she shrugs off because she also has video of the Liars doing something incriminating.
Pretty Little Liars - A little boy from the doll shop talks to the Liars.
Jenna takes off her bandages early to test out her new eyes, but apparently, it didn't work because she just cries and returns to school with an apology for the Liars. Meanwhile, the girls uncover more clues about Ali's connection with "A" right up until her murder. Later, while putting a note on her mother's desk, Aria discovers a note from Byron asking for her transcript so it can be sent to an all-girls boarding school. But anyway, the girls head up to the doll shop where they discover that the owner, an old lady, and a little boy knows more that they're letting on. Well, at least the old lady does. The boy just keeps blabbering on about Alison's murder and "A" like nobody's business.

At home, Aria confronts her mother about Byron's note and threatens to reveal his secret to get him off her back. And Ella's like, "I'm not disappointed in you, I'm ASHAMED of you." That's cruel, Ella Montgomery. Just cruel. And so Aria goes to Ezra's and they begin kissing, leading to ... well, you get the picture. I guess they're now officially illegal. Also, Jenna gives Toby page 5 of the autopsy report and they go off to the police station to hand it over.
Pretty Little Liars - A scene of Alison's death depicted with a doll buried in dirt.
So now Hanna is convinced that Melissa is "A", and to prove it, she carries out a "foolproof" plan in which she plans for Melissa to see Caleb and Mona to kiss, which will trigger another "A" text, somehow proving her guiltiness. They then decide to go to the creepy doll house where they hear a scary mechanical doll voice going, "Follow me, end up like me. Follow me, end up like me. Follow me, end up like me." And I don't understand how they could not expect a severed head or something buried in the dirt, but they don't. Instead, they still jump and scream like wild hyenas when opening the cabinet and seeing an Ali doll in a mountain of sand. And, in "A's" true fashion, multiple shelves are knocked over and doll parts fall all over them.
Pretty Little Liars - Jenna looking in to her mirror, able to see.
They go back to Spencer's house where Garret and Melissa are constructing their evil plans when suddenly, he gets arrested! Finally right? But while all the drama's at Spencer's house, Jenna is secretly plotting her revenge as she expertly squashes a fly against the mirror, revealing her non-blindness. In the end, "A" hands over a wad of cash to the old lady of the doll shop as compensation for destroying her precious dolls and a lollipop to the possessed little boy.

Can't wait for "A" to be revealed! Well, actually, I can. Nonetheless, I'm excited!
It's bedtime, watch, don't wait.

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