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PLL 2.25 unmAsked (Spring/Season 2 Finale)

Pretty Little Liars-
Pretty Little Liars- Spencer, Emily, Hanna, and Aria at the Masquerade ball.
So, this is the season finale of Pretty Little Liars, which means, recaps will continue after June 5, which starts the third season. Enjoy!

Pretty Little Liars- The Liars sitting in Spencer's kitchen.
At Spencer's house, the girls sit around discussing creepy Garrett's arrest and the recent recovery of page 5 when Melissa walks into the room, "threatening" the Liars. And when she leaves they get a masquerade ball invitation from "A", telling them they better give back the phone or else. And Spencer's like, "If "A" wants to play hide and seek, I can play too. Besides, it was my favorite game to play with Melissa because I always won." At school, Mona invites the girls to go shopping for dresses with her at some vintage store, but one by one, they all manage to make up some excuse. After school, the Liars head to Ezra's apartment and find more clues leading them to a motel in the middle of the woods called the Lost Woods Resort, which they take a field trip to in the middle of the night. Smart.

So they drive up to the Bates motel and Norman just pops up next to the passenger side window, all, "Welcome to hell!" After the girls check into room 1, they scamper next door and Hanna falls into the mud.  They pick her up and enter their room, sleuthing for clues. With no luck, Spencer recruits Aria to check out the guest log while Hanna and Emily huddle in a corner like wet dogs. 
Pretty Little Liars- Hanna taking a shower at the Lost Woods Resort.
While Aria breaks into the office through the window, Hanna decides to take a shower. This is already pretty unsafe, but when Emily gets a call that she thinks is from Maya, she runs out the door to find a cell signal, leaving Hanna. And with true Hitchcock fashion, "A" lurks behind the shower curtain and kills Hanna. Just kidding. Hanna hears a sound and turns off the shower, and "A" gets out of there. Spencer and Aria are back and they study the guestbook. The only information they get from it is that Vivian Darkbloom check into room 1 the day she was murdered and the day she was supposed to meet "A" in Brookhaven. So, they return the book and all Hanna can think about is how Caleb can't be there to be her Romeo at the ball. 
Pretty Little Liars- Jenna is not blind and see meets somebody somewhere.
The next day, Spencer see Toby cleaning up all the burned stuff from the fire and they have their conversation about Jenna, and the relationship of their status. Seriously Toby, just get over yourself and forgive Spencer! But, Spencer leaves and Toby gets a call from Dr. Sullivan. Meanwhile, Jenna's eyes are apparently not only working, but somehow also unscathed from the explosion. She drives some where and does something regarding "A", but I don't know exactly what she does because apparently I could be bothered to pay attention.
Pretty Little Liars- The Liars at the Masquerade ball.
At the ball, the girls look so amazing; the colors of their dresses against each other and their surroundings, perfect. But, they decide to split up, because we all know how effective that is. Caleb surprises Hanna and they dance the night away, thanks to super-best-friend Mona. Then Spencer approaches her and Mona flashes back to when she saw Vivian Darkbloom in that vintage clothing store spying on "A". After hearing this, Spencer realizes that Alison was spying on "A" in that hotel room and so they both go to check it out. Aria wanders out of the party and gets surprised by Ezra, who she dances with without their masks in public. Tsk, tsk. 
Pretty Little Liars- Paige and Emily at the Masquerade ball, talking.
Spencer's safety is long forgotten now, because she heads toward the motel with Mona while phoning Emily about her breakthrough. And all Emily says is, "you better be back in two hours  or "A" will have your head on a stick." And then, even Emily gets distracted when Paige comes up to her and they settle on being friends.
Pretty Little Liars- Spencer and Mona in "A's" lair.
Mona helps Spencer break into room 2 where they discover "A's" lair. It's covered in stalker photos of Alison and the rest of the girls, creepy clown masks, dolls, all the things a killer would have. They rummage until Mona offers a clue as to what "A's" dress might be: A black swan. And while the rest of the Liars stare at Lucas, Jenna, and the black swan, Spencer realizes that Mona is "A" from a gum wrapper. Seriously. Then Mona reappears and somehow manages to change into a black hoodie and look 100 times crazier than what she looked like 30 seconds ago. And then Spencer is knocked unconscious.
Pretty Little Liars- Mona as "A", driving to Look Out Point.
Spencer comes to with Mona speeding down the road like a maniac, and she asks questions about "A". Apparently, Mona became "A" because she Liars took Hanna away from her. And I'm thinking, right, what a valid reason for torturing and murdering people. Meanwhile, the Liars call Spencer because they have no idea what to do and Hanna discovers that the phone Mona gave her was secretly recording all of her conversations. 
Pretty Little Liars- The Liars watch Mona fall off a cliff.
But anyway, Spencer's phone goes to facetime and the Liars watch the action happening in HD. Spencer's all, "You're not going to make it to look out point going a million miles an hour!" And the Liars rush of to rescue her. Then, Spencer pulls the emergency brake and jumps out of the car, with Mona chasing after her. The Liars get there too, with Hanna almost running over Mona. She screeches like a psycho and she and Spencer wrestle and punch and kick until Mona is tossed over the cliff. Then the cops show up and Dr. Sullivan is there, apologizing skipping town and not saying anything. And just as the Liars think, "finally, it's over," the cops shout, "she's alive!"
Pretty Little Liars- Emily cries after finding out that Maya might be dead.
Finally, Mona is locked up in a nut house and some crazy explanation of how Mona was "A" was given that I can't explain. Toby and Spencer make up and it all seems good until they get back to Rosewood and find cop cars all around someone's house. It's like episode one all over again, with the same music and dialogue, I swear. And this time, it's Maya, and Emily freaks and cries her heart out.

Pretty Little Liars- A visitor visits Mona at the Rosewood sanatorium.
And in the end, Mona gets a visitor in a red coat and says to "it", "I did everything you asked me to."

Uh, wasn't someone "beloved" supposed to die in this episode? Anyway, season 3 of PLL will start on June 5. See you then!

It's 4 hours 'till bedtime; I say watch, don't wait.

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