Sunday, March 11, 2012

PLL 2.23 Eye of the Beholder

Pretty Little Liars -
That title = The Twilight Zone
Yea, I suck at posting. How about some updates?
Pretty Little Liars - Duncan talks with Aria.
That guy that recognized Aria is named Duncan, and apparently met Ali a while ago and for some reason connected to Alison's murder because he saw her the day of her disappearance. She meets him later and tells her that he used to fly Ali around sometimes, yes, fly. He hands Aria the wheel and gives her a panic attack while extracting info about Ali in the process. And at the end of her near-death experience, Duncan reveals that he flew Ali back to Rosewood about 7 hours before she supposedly arrived. Also, Ezra gets confronted by Byron but stands his ground about not taking the job. 

Emily gets a text and email from Maya saying she's fine, and telling her not to tell her parents, but she does anyway.
Pretty Little Liars - Toby escorts Jenna while Spencer watches.
Toby's back helping Jenna with her stuff since she got eye surgery, but he still isn't talking to Spencer because of the whole "Wren" thing, and partly because he supposedly knows what the girls did to Jenna.
Pretty Little Liars - Jason talks to Spencer.
Jason has found a duffel full of Ali's stuff, and the girls go through it, not knowing what they might find, which was actually nothing. But, when they take a step back and look at the newspapers the stuff was wrapped in instead of the stuff itself, they see a pattern. So, Spencer sends Hanna to Jason's back porch to retrieve the bag they returned to search for more clues, when suddenly, the house emits smoke and Jenna face-plants against the window right in front of Hanna. While Hanna rescues Jenna, Spencer runs to help and they stagger away just as the house explodes. In the end, "A" randomly plants a police badge on dirt, which doesn't seem to relate to anything- for now. 

It's 6 hours 'till bedtime; I say watch, don't wait.

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