Tuesday, August 30, 2011

1.3 Double Dibs - A Code Invented By A Twelve-Year-Old

New Guy Alert! (Justin Miller)
Last week, we found out that Sutton is working with Thayer, Emma got caught with Ethan in her room, and Alec  was the one who stole Sutton's laptop.

Spoilers, obviously.

You know that creepy guy who stole Sutton's laptop for Alec? Well, now Alec is asking him to do something else. We'll just have to wait and see what kind of trouble Alec is stirring up this time. Meanwhile, Ethan wakes up and video chats with Sutton. They go on about good Emma is at being Sutton, and Sutton tells him to stay away from Emma since he is her secret boyfriend.
Justin Miller sees Laurel
After Emma convinces the Mercers to let her invite Ethan over for dinner, the scene cuts to Laurel playing her viola? violin? out in the middle of the field, where she then meets Justin Miller, "the new guy".

At school, Mads gets stolen away by her father, and Emma and Ethan disagree about her telling the Mercers that they are boyfriend and girlfriend. (By the way, why aren't they in class at this time?) In LA, Sutton and Thayer are one step closer to finding her mother, Ruth Peterson, who, apparently, works at the library

Laurel blackmails Emma by threatening to tell people about "Sutton" and Ethan's relationship unless Emma helps her get the boy she likes, Justin (aka "the new guy"). Just as Laurel spots him, Chars all "Hey new guy!" and she tells Mads that he's "the Ken to my Barbie".
Ruth tries to escape.
Sutton confronts Ruth at the library and she tries to run, but when they catch her, she explains that she was paid to put her name on the twin's birth certificate. And apparently, Emma was adopted by the Websters in Beverly Hills. Now we know where we're going next!

Laurel's disappointed because Sutton invented "Dibs", but Emma, being the nice girl, encourages Laurel to go after the guy she likes, regardless of whether her best friend called dibs or not. Although Emma says that she would never help her friends hurt Laurel, she doesn't believe her. In the hall, Laurel's phone gets jacked and Justin puts his number into it.

At home, Emma tries to get Ethan out of dinner by using the excuse of an unfinished essay to which Kristin (Sutton's mom) doesn't believe. After all, Sutton doesn't care about homework! Later, Emma meets Ethan to tell him the news.

Alec is watching Mads rehearse ballet a little too intensely. Sutton informs Emma about the day's events; She tells her about Ruth's "shady and illegal" transaction. Emma doesn't want to believe the Ted and Kristin (Sutton's parents) could have known about the adoption's circumstances, to which Sutton replies, "Why not? You've been drinking the Mercer family Kool-Aid?" Heh.
Family dinner with the Mercers and Ethan.
Dinner goes pretty smoothly after Laurel asks how prison was, but Ethan did most of the talking when they were asked about their relationship. Like Emma would know anything about that. In the middle of dinner, Dan bursts in and whisks Ethan away, much to his relief, although he soon finds out that Sutton's laptop was found in his Jeep. He pleads to Emma to believe him, but she just doesn't know what to believe. Emma mopes in her room, but is given a pep talk by Ted.

The next day, Emma stops writing her English paper to listen to the girl's plans on how to get Justin (The what, second time she's every tried to be like Sutton?). Char overreacts to Emma's subtle attempt at hinting that Justin likes someone else. She then reflects on her own situation, unbeknownst to Mads.

Sutton finds Randell/Randall Webster in Beverly Hills, and he tells them that she and Emma's birth mother took a fake I.D. and got Emma back from her adoptive family. Their mother is starting to look crazier by the second. Down at the golf course, Ted tells Alec that they found Sutton's laptop and Alec tells Ted that he would do anything to protect their families.
Emma gets startled/scared by Ethan.
Sutton gets scared by Ethan as she enters the room, remarking, "You want me to trust you? Don't hide in my room and scare the hell out of me when I walk in. I've been fending off guys like you my whole life". Good one Emma. Anyway, she doesn't believe Ethan when he says that this is all connected and she still doesn't trust him.

Laurel is being such a pushover I just wanna punch her in the face. She gives Char Justin's phone number and Char acts like Laurel couldn't have possibly been so connected. I can tell Emma's frustrated too. Suddenly, Emma, or rather, "Sutton" get called into Mr. Beady's class, where she finds herself being accused of cheating. Which, she didn't, technically, but Sutton Mercer definitely did not write that paper.

Ethan throws a tantrum because Dan doesn't believe him that the laptop was planted on him.

At Char's pool party, she practically throws herself at Justin but he just goes to find Laurel. Emma helps her out though, by giving Justin her address. Mads lies to her dad and kisses her ballet instructor while Alec heads off to partake in more illegal activities.

Sutton recaps the days events with Thayer and they head to his apartment. Emma, on the other hand, pulls up to Ethan's house and starts to babble continuously about whatever until he stops her. They confess their love/trust, lean in to kiss, but don't, because he still loves Sutton.
Justin shows up at Laurel's house.
Laurel and Kristin are sitting, eating chocolate cake, having some good mother-daughter bonding time. They talk about how Laurel doesn't want to try to be Sutton. We all know, however, that Sutton's not even Sutton right now! Plus, she couldn't pull off being Sutton. I mean, look at the wet mess on her head she calls hair! Justin then shows up at the Mercer house, unannounced, in the middle of the night, trying not to look like a "crazy stalker", to ask her out.
Emma looks through Ethan and Sutton's photos.
Does Emma steal her laptop back from the police station or what? Nonetheless, she immediately uses it to stalk Ethan and Sutton's pictures with a jealous rage. Just jokes. But her face says it all. After Sutton and Thayer talk more about their laptop break in theories and she receives something from Mr. Webster, she web chats with Emma for updates. Oh, and guess who's outside the apartment's window, being a creeper? It's Alec! Who knew? Actually, who else could it have been anyway? He watches Sutton as she shows Emma the picture of their birth mother (that's what Mr. Webster gave her!). Evidently,we know for sure that he knows that Emma is pretending to be Sutton now.
Alec watches Sutton and Thayer.
Oh my gosh, this is long. Is it longer than last weeks? I don't know. But hey, a day early that's awesome huh?

It's bedtime; I say watch, don't wait.

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