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1.4 Twinsense and Sensability - Supernatural Powers Both Girls Share

Sneak Peek: Twinsense and Sensibility
Previously, on The Lying Game: Sutton found Emma's adoptive parents but apparently their birth mother took off with Emma. Ethan was framed for stealing Sutton's laptop. Laurel got the guy.


Alec stalks Emma while she jogs. 
Emma is taking a nightly jog when she spots a car stalking her and makes a run for it. Eventually, Alec pulls up behind her when Emma trapped with nowhere to run. Alec offers to drive her home and then tells Ted that he suspects that she is trying to find her birth mother, something they both do not want. Emma and Sutton both agree that they need to move faster so Sutton can get back to her life, and that Emma is the one who has the memories of her mother, so they need to work on bringing those out.

Ethan gets ready to face the judge while Emma waits for Mads during ballet rehearsal. Nisha sees Emma's journal and asks if she's in it, and when Emma says it was before she knew her, Nisha's like, " You mean when you were three?" Anyway, Nisha wants private lessons to improve her footwork for tennis. At home, Kristin and Ted give Emma the "bad boy" talk. Wait, does that even exist? Emma then sighs and gives that meaningless "Okay". (You know you've all done it)
Kristin comforts Emma after her nightmare.
Justin takes Laurel out to eat, where he accidentally tips the guitarist a fifty instead of a five. As they rise to leave, they spot Mads and Char, creating an awkward "boyfriend stealer" moment. Emma is twisting and turning around in her bed, having a nightmare before Kristin comes in to comfort her, rubbing her back until she falls asleep.

In the morning, Emma and Sutton discuss why Emma had the same dream of drowning that Sutton had when she was a kid. They settle on having a psychic connection and conclude that maybe Emma and their mother suffered a traumatic event in the past and that's what the recurring nightmare is about. At school, Char rants on about how their friendship is failing and that "getting screwed-over by a sophomore" is not cool. Emma finds Ethan at the club and asks him to help her interpret her dream.

Justin wins the golf game with Ted and Alec and after he leaves, the men agree that Sutton must never find her mother. Nisha gets shown up by Mads at the ballet studio as Emma confronts Ted about Ethan's situation. Alec obviously wants Ethan to go to jail, and (there's a little bit of irony here as he says it) if it wasn't him, who could've broken into her house and stolen her laptop? Out of nowhere, Laurel confesses that she stole the laptop.
Emma hugs Laurel
Laurel explains why she did it (playing the attention-deprived younger sister), gets a lecture, and gets grounded. At least she wins an Oscar for best acting in "The Sutton Story".  Laurel just wanted to help her sister out. In LA, Thayer figures out the location of where the picture was taken: Filmore, CA. 

At the Mercer house, Ethan arrives to hear Laurel's rehearsed apology  about stealing the laptop. At the studio, the ballet teacher (what's his name?) turns Mads down cold even after her shirt is off. Nasty Nisha at it again: she snaps pictures of the two of them kissing. Then she visits Char and drops a bomb about Mad's affair with the ballet instructor. In the middle of nowhere, yet again, Emma is trying to interpret her dream when all of a sudden, she gets an epiphany . She wasn't drowning; she was trapped in a fire! 
Sutton and Thayer in Emma's burned down house.
Char asks Mads about the ballet teacher (I found his name! It's Eduardo), who flips out and admits to sleeping with him. Emma updates them on the fire idea and finally, they find a burned down house. Emma walks Sutton through the details as her memories practically explode from her she can't get them out fast enough. On the ceiling, they spot a name: Annie Hobbs, their birth mother.
Sutton's surprised face when she sees Laurel.
Emma suspects that Ted knows something, and later, after tennis, she asks Kristin about her birth mother. Unfortunately, there were no new answers. They hug it out after their mother-daughter moment. At home, Laurel clicks on the video call button and surprises Sutton on the other end. Emma almost walks in from outside right at that moment, but realizes what's going on and ducks behind a pot. Things are heating up and Emma wants Sutton to search here because she thinks Ted knows something. Afterwards, though, she realizes that once Sutton is back, she will have no place to go.
Doodles of Annie Hobbs' name
Ted comes home and there's a message from a patient, but instead goes to meet Alec. He knows Laurel's confession was rehearsed and they talk about how Alec does will be doing all the dirty work, just like in high school. Uh huh. Ted shows Alec the a piece of paper with "Annie" doodled all over it, confirming their suspicions on Emma's intentions.

I'll be here next week to recapitulate the next episode of The Lying Game.

It's 5 hours 'till bedtime; I say watch, don't wait.

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