Tuesday, September 20, 2011

1.6 Bad Boys Break Hearts - What Else Do You Suppose They Do?

Laurel and Sutton lying on the bed wearing their crowns.
Previously, Eduardo overhears Alec talk to a nurse about not letting Sutton near Annie, who is somehow in a hospital room painting a creepy picture. Emma wins homecoming queen and kisses Ethan, and Justin has a secret of his own. After seeing Emma and Ethan, Sutton kisses Thayer. Emma makes a shocking discovery about Annie, Alec, and Ted.


Emma and Laurel lie next to each other wearing their crowns and talk about their awesome night at homecoming. Emma pulls out that picture she found and asks Laurel if she knew who that woman was. Laurel says no, but unnecessarily comments on her "bitchin' finger-less gloves". She leaves the room so Emma can talk to who she thinks is Ethan online. No such luck. It's actually Sutton coming to tell Emma that it's not okay to kiss her boyfriend. Emma interrupts to update her on the photo, urging her to come back. Then, Thayer, *shakes head* walks into the room, exposing Sutton's secret to Emma.
Char is surprised by Derek who is in her pool.
At the Rybak's, Alec confesses that he should have trusted Mads and makes a decision to not get involved in her love life. Alec's up to something. At the Mercer's Justin's just sharing stories the family while Laurel pulls Kristin aside to tell her to stop "grilling" Justin. Really, Laurel? She only asked one question. You're just insecure about not yet meeting his parents. Char emerges from her home to find Derek lounging in her pool. Right before she calls the cops, he explains that he just wanted to get her attention, plus calling the cops would make it weirder when he asks her out.Somehow it's night again and Ethan pulls up on his motorcycle out of nowhere. Apparently Emma called in a panic, not wanting to continue their relationship. Ethan, however, sucks her back in with a kiss.

Mads finds out at the studio that Eduardo quit,  possibly because of her. Sutton rants to Thayer about how much Emma is messing up her life, and Thayer later reassures her that he is going to take care of everything regarding Annie. At school, Ethan finds Emma to tell her that he's going to break up with Sutton to be with her. Mads confronts Eduardo at his house, where he is packing to more back to Chicago. He confesses his love for her and they kiss, but urges her to go because of something he can't discuss. Darn Alec and his stupid secrets.
Thayer in the bathroom celebrating Ethan and Sutton's breakup.
Laurel gets told my Justin that his family bailed on the barbecue. He even rejects her offer to go over to his house. Kristin gives advice to Emma about Ethan and Laurel goes over to bring Justin some barbecue, only to find that he doesn't live where the student directory says he lives. Sutton gets closer to finding Annie when Ethan interrupts to tell her that they are done. In the bathroom, Thayer silently celebrates their breaking up.

Emma and Ethan walk into school together holding hands, making it really official since he broke up with Sutton. Laurel gives Justin the cold shoulder upon discovering that he doesn't want her at his house for some reason. My guess is that he's a foster kid or an orphan or something and therefore has no real home and no parents. After school, Mads doesn't believe Alec when he tells her that nothing happened between him and Eduardo that compelled him to leave. Laurel confides in Emma about her dilemma and Emma suggests talking to Justin and maybe if that's his mailing address, then he lives nearby.

Sutton is caught looking at homecoming pictures AGAIN by Thayer, who reveals that he purposely wanted Emma to see him. Then he leaves, threatening Sutton to be gone before he comes back in a few days. Everything was going fine on Emma and Ethan's first date until he freaks out about Emma not telling him about Sutton and Thayer sooner. He breaks up with her even before their date officially begins. Wow, Ethan, two girls in one episode? Unacceptable.
Mads is looking over some of her old pictures of Eduardo on her phone, and then decides to call him. He didn't answer though, someone from the ER of Phoenix Presbyterian. Laurel is in stalker mode. She spots Justin's car and ventures into a foreclosed home, finally discovering Justin's room.
Photo of Annie and Phyllis.
Emma helps Char get ready for her date, and on the way up to get Char's purse, she sees a photo of Annie with Phyllis! When she asks Phyllis about it, she gets all defensive and only says that Annie moving to LA was all Alec and Ted's fault. And, maybe Derek is just going out with Char to get close to Emma for Alec. After all, he just eavesdropped all over their conversation. Meanwhile, Mads comes home and blames Eduardo's accident on her father. Out of nowhere, Thayer walks in to back Mads up, but mostly to be all "Whats up dad? Thought you'd be happier to see me".

Laurel and Justin talk things out, and as it turns out, Justin's parents have been dead for three years now and he ran away to Arroyo High because it has one of the best golfing programs, etc. He hated lying to everybody and he just wanted a scholarship to get into a good college. Back at home, Ted listens in on Emma and Kristin talking about Annie. First that goofball Derek doesn't pay for dinner and now he's making secret phone calls to Alec about his spying activities on Emma? Anyway, when Char confronts Ethan about breaking up with "Sutton", he accidentally says Emma and gives Char the idea that he's cheating. Their conversation is ended by her sudden haste to get to the hospital.
Ethan punches Thayer in the hospital.
Holy crap everyone's here. At the hospital, Emma gets tangled in a web of lies when Char tells her that Ethan has been cheating on her with herself. Then Thayer shows up and everyone's asking who's Emma? Ethan proceeds to punch Thayer for a reason not known by half the group.

Alec and Ted meet again in their cars to share the information they gathered. Ted almost gives in, but Alec's all, "No, there's always a way". At the Dowinger Psychiatric Clinic, Sutton detects the employee's lies about Annie and sneaks in anyway. She finds Annie's room they look at each other in surprise, and then- SUTTON GETS GRABBED. Annie, now aware that Sutton is her daughter, leaps out of bed yelling, "No!"

So, the next episode is probably going to pick up right where they left off, where Sutton is captured. Also, we need to know what happens in the hospital after Thayer was punched.

It's 6 hours 'till bedtime; I say watch, don't wait.

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