Tuesday, September 27, 2011

1.7 Escape from Sutton's Island - Actually, There Is No Escape!

First of all, due to other commitments (homework), I will not be doing a full recap today. Instead, it will just be a summary. Yes, it DOES say on the homepage that I usually do this instead of homework, but this time, school comes first. Boring huh, well let's get on with it. 

Previously, Sutton got caught at the crazy house and the gang are still holding their breath at the hospital after Ethan punched Thayer.

SO, to make this a whole lot simpler, I'll go in a modified chronological order, which means combining scenes, and this and that. Oh yea, and note that I'm doing this all from memory, so, I actually might miss some stuff.

Sutton is trapped at the mental center and placed under lock and key by the woman with no morals. 
Back at the hospital, Mads and Char think Emma's keeping secrets from them since Eduardo, in his physically mangled state of being, told her that he was paid off by Alec to never speak of what he heard about Sutton ever again. Ted bans them from the hospital. 

Laurel, however, is having a good day because she has decided that Justin is "the one". No, Emma, not the one to marry, the one to DO. And why do you care anyway "Sutton", you were younger than Laurel when you had your first. Yes, there is more background given in this episode about Sutton's life and personality than in all the other episodes combined.

Ethan is jealous of Thayer helping Emma and still will not admit that he is still in love with Sutton (according to Emma). Sutton, meanwhile is still at the clinic, but finally has thought of a plan. Mads keeps asking what Emma's secret is but she still can't say, although she does feel bad for not being able to tell them the truth. Char gains some information and asks Derek why Alec has been calling him, and he covers it up pretty good. Maybe it's because his face always looks like he's joking, so you can't tell. Emma gives Laurel a talk about making sure Justin really is the one. Oh yea, and it is revealed that Sutton stole a bottle of wine in the past before. Great character detail.

The night of all nights: Laurel does eventually sleep with Justin after they confess their love, and Emma gets the code to the hospital so they can sneak in after hours. At the entrance, Mads and Char demand to know her secret, but Emma doesn't tell them what you would've thought, she tells them the stuff about Alec paying Eduardo for overhearing his conversation.  (Or is this later, after the hospital?) Anyway, Eduardo is in a coma, probably thanks to Alec's traumatizing visit. 

Sutton gets a key card from a nice nurse guy and lets herself into her mother's room. Annie tells Sutton that Emma died in the fire, and when  Sutton tries to tell differently, she says that "they" would never lie to her about that, then yells for help. That one crazy witch lady calls for Sutton at her home, and thinks that the one in the clinic is Emma, who then proceeds to get arrested and driven back to Arizona. Back in Emma's room, that creepy perv brother Travis appears like a stalker.

Ahh! Crazy tangled web mess!!!

Anything I missed? Sorry there aren't pictures, but, well, yea. I can't really justify not getting pictures. Well, I can, but I'm not going to explain it. It would just defeat the purpose of this short post which is actually getting kind of long. Okay, see you later!

It's 8 hours 'till bedtime; I say watch, don't wait.

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