Tuesday, October 4, 2011

1.8 Never Have I Ever - Impersonated Emma

Emma leans on Ethan.
(The Lying Game)
So, this week it's the same deal: Lots of things to do so I can't write a whole recap, instead, I will be doing a brief summary. Brief for this is still going to be a few paragraphs though. At least this time there will be a picture! Still note though, that i will not be going in chronological order and I may miss a few points along the way. And there are spoilers!

Previously on The Lying Game,  Sutton got arrested and taken to Las Vegas while Travis surprised Emma back at the Mercers. Mads was banned from visiting Eduardo in the hospital where he went into some kind of state of shock and everyone now knows that Emma is trying to find her mother.

Travis has stalked Emma to Pheonix and I don't know how, maybe I missed it? Anyway, he wants to rob the Mercers using the help of Emma. She reluctantly agrees, knowing what's at stake and goes over to Char to get some fake jewelry in hopes of fooling him. The girls find out that Eduardo was moved to another hospital by the request of his mother.
Sutton explains why she needs a pillow protector.
Sutton is having equally bad luck. She's stuck in the Juvenile Detention Center in Las Vegas and can't seem to get in contact with Emma or anyone else. Back at the mental facility, Annie calls Alec confronting him about Emma. Out of Alec's mouth spews lie after lie, and later, Annie Annie is missing; we presume she escaped.

Ted and Kristin are going out for the night to a plastic surgeon's convention. That leaves the gang alone in the house to drink, party, and play never have I ever. Ethan tries to get Emma to admit that she kissed another guy who is not him, but she plays it off drunkenly, avoiding the true answer. In actuality, Ethan was seeing Travis kiss Emma when Emma handed over the fake jewelry she got to get rid of him.
Emma tries to seduce Ethan.
After the party ends, Laurel goes over to Justin's new place, courtesy of Ted, to do whatever they do. Justin gives Laurel his mother's bracelet. At home, Emma tries to seduce Ethan, but in her drunken state, fails miserably and is carried to bed.

In the middle of the night, she gets up to answer the phone but misses it twice. It was Sutton trying to get in contact with her. And by now, Sutton is so sick of this that she thinks Emma is trying to steal her life. Anyway, Emma hears a sound and being paranoid, grabs the stick thingy from the fireplace for defense. Out of nowhere Travis comes out, furious about Emma trying to trick him. She plays it off really well, although to no avail because Travis then proceeds to attack her. Expectedly, Ethan comes up and punches him multiple times and later drags him off, finally getting Emma so spill some secrets.

Emma's friend in the car.
 In the end, Ethan and Thayer force Travis out of town and Sutton gets bailed out by Ted who waits for her in the car. Unfortunately, Emma's friend from Las Vegas gets to her first, thinking it's Emma. Sutton gets in the car with her as they drive off. And don't forget about Annie, who seems to be smarter than she looks.

See you next week. If you want to read more, here is the link to the official Lying Game recap on ABC Family.

It's 7 hours 'till bedtime; I say watch, don't wait.

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