Tuesday, October 18, 2011

1.10 East of Emma - Lies a Vindictive Little Bitch Named Sutton

The Lying Game: (10/17/11 Season Finale)
 Char looking at Derek through her sunglasses. (The best camera shot ever!)
Last week, Sutton left for Phoenix and Lexi revealed she knew all along that she wasn't Emma. Justin is suspicious  of Ted, and Annie is still missing. Emma is realizing that she has to leave now, and Derek broke up with Char at the threat of Alec.

It is the morning of the twin's birthday and Emma gets surprised with an awesome breakfast in bed. To me, that's just messed up because the family is doing all this for Sutton and that's not even her. But, she does create a sort of awkward moment when she does her "bogus wish": "I wish I could run away and never come back". Anyway, now that Sutton is back in Phoenix, she's going to get her life back. Emma on the other hand, is the nice one and wants to run away with Ethan before Sutton gets to her. 
Emma hugs Kristin
Emma finally comes to the conclusion that she needs to tell the family before the party but after she starts, Kristin gives her the honesty/trust speech and Emma doesn't have to courage to go on.At the while I'm screaming at Kristin to just shut up already of Emma can talk. She also confesses her feelings to Laurel even though Laurel doesn't realize that it's not a joke. She really does love "these people". Meanwhile, Derek tries to apologize to Char but her mom interrupts with cops that want to search his car. It is the revealed that not only was Alec behind Derek's troubles, but he is also hiding something else. Mads and Thayer talk about Emma's strange behavior. Also, Justin doesn't want to go to the party because of Ted.
Sutton's face when she realizes no one is home.
While Emma is out looking for Sutton, Sutton is at home causing more trouble. Her jealousy prompts her to set a trap for Emma after Ethan says " I love you" to her posing as Emma. Laurel sets things straight with her father so Justin can have no excuse not to go to the party. Then, Kristin comes home to find Sutton, who I bet Kristin thinks is acting pretty strangely. At the Rybaks, Alec lets a little inconsistent detail slip right before he leaves to go do his dirty work, because it sure isn't to get Sutton a gift. 

Emma arrives back home and sees the message telling her to go to the cabin. Sutton and Ethan are already there however, kissing right before Emma walks in. At least when they kissed, Ethan kind of suspected that she wasn't Emma. The girls fight and witty comebacks fly back and forth before Sutton leaves to expose Emma's secret. Its really neat seeing the same actress play these two very different roles and even arguing together. Meanwhile, Mads accuses Derek of being a screw-up while Char defends him even though he canceled on the party for an unknown reason. Thayer backs Char up with her theory of Alec being behind all this.
Emma walks in on Sutton and Ethan kissing.
Back at the cabin, Emma decides to go back to Las Vegas even though Ethan told her he loves her. At the bus station, Emma calls Lexi but changes her mind to leave after Lexi gives her advice. At the party, we see that Justin, for some reason, doesn't want people to know he gave Laurel the bracelet. And for good reason too: Ted for some reason recognizes it.
Sutton's drowns after being frightened by someone in the backseat.

Someone pops out of Sutton's backseat and her car flies into the lake. Emma is at the party and she tells Ethan she loves her before making her speech. She gets so close to exposing her secret but backs out at the last minute and just tells the audience she loves them, leaving them confused. She runs out the door, searching for a person whose shadow she saw while making her speech. Kristin comes out too see what she's doing, and they discover...(possibly) Annie? While this discovery is happening, Sutton is out there drowning in her car. Maybe the guy who scared her was Derek. After all, we all know what Alec is capable of doing. 

Oh, and don't worry, when I say "drown" I don't mean she actually died. YET.

It's 7 hours 'till bedtime; I say watch, don't wait!

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