Tuesday, October 25, 2011

2.13 The First Secret (Pretty Little Liars: List of A)

Pretty Little Liars: List of A
Before we get started, let me point out to you that this episode is the Halloween special and also the thirteenth episode of the season. Creepy huh?

Anyway, before you read any further, this IS NOT a recap. This post is my theory of who "A" is NOT and it contains spoilers to both the show and the books.

This episode was supposedly supposed to be a standalone Halloween special. It however, contains all sorts of connections to the events happening in the series which therefore makes it VERY important to the plot. In fact, this episode helped me eliminate several "A" suspects. And before I start the list, let me just say that Spencer's costume is AWESOME.

A is not Alison.
It is not Alison because Alison herself is being targeted by A.

A is not Alison's twin sister, Courtney, who is actually Alison.
If you are a reader of the series, you know that it was revealed that Courtney was actually Ali while Ali was actually Courtney. Its confusing, yes, but the point is that it couldn't have been the real Ali (let's call her Courtney) because in the show's last episode, Dr. Sullivan knows Courtney's face and doesn't react to her looking like Alison, who is dead. Do you get that?

A is not Jenna.
Jenna cannot possibly be A because in this episode, she has barely met Alison when Ali got the text from A. Also, at the Halloween party, Jenna is dressed as Lady Gaga and couldn't have possibly had enough time to change into a creepy doll outfit to chase Ali around a haunted house. 

Now that we know who ISN'T A, who is?

A is a crazy person and is rich.
Obviously A is crazy because he/she ran over Hanna, poisoned Emily, and killed Ian. Also, since A is in therapy, we can assume that he/she is a psychopath and can pay for it/has rich parents who can pay for it.

A is a familiar face.
How can A sneak around so much at the Liar's school and house and everywhere else that he/she is not stopped for looking suspicious? Because A is someone familiar in the community. This also explains how A knows what Alison only knew; he/she snuck around and somehow got all the info he/she needed.

A is a 16 or older.
This is proven because A knows how to drive, as seen in the episode where Hanna gets hit by a car. Also, the fact that A is able to get a hold of steroids to inject into Emily's lotion kind of proves that A is not a child.

So, now we know who A is and who A isn't. Maybe I missed some things? Feel free to comment below.

It's 4 hours 'till bedtime; I say watch, don't wait.

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