Tuesday, October 11, 2011

1.9 Sex, Lies, and Hard Knocks High - Things I Do Not Know What To Make Of

The Lying Game:
Sutton's face when Clarice hugs her.
Yet again, I do not have time for a full recap. In fact, I think I'll just stick with these short summaries. By the way, there are some interesting facial expressions in this episode as you can see.

Previously, Sutton got picked up by Lexi (Emma's best friend), Annie escaped, and Travis got run out of town.
Emma's face when she realizes what she said about her first time.
Sutton stays with Lexi while Emma and Thayer wonder why she hasn't called since Thayer left L.A. Emma accidentally lets it slip that she has never been with anybody before, which prompts an awkward moment and this face. She is also hard at work trying to find out more about Annie, unaware that Sutton has already figured out that Annie is in the psychiatric center. Emma overhears the Mercers talking about the secret they have kept from Sutton about her birth mother and she decides to confront Kristin about it later. Alec is also suspected of hiding something too, after she listens in on his and Ted's phone conversation. Laurel's problem is that she got found out about Justin by her mom.
Clarice get all up in Sutton's face.
Sutton is confronted by Emma's foster mother, Clarice, who is furious about no longer receiving checks from the adoption agency due to Emma's disappearance. Another problem is added when she finds out she has to go to school, but tries to make the best of it by accepting an invitation to a gambling party in hopes of raising enough money to buy herself a bus ticket back to Phoenix.

At the meeting for Thayer with a man who wants to invest in his company, Sutton is sure that Alec is keeping something from her when she catches him with symptoms of withholding the truth while he is telling her the symptoms of withholding the truth. After they spot Char and Derek enter on their date, Alec secretly tells Derek to break up with Char because Derek is becoming too attached to her, which he reluctantly does later. Emma sees all this and tells Char that she suspects that Alec has something to do with it.
Derek eavesdrops on Char and Mads.
Then Char receives a call from Annie, who is revealed to be her aunt and Phyllis's sister. Phyllis grabs the phone from Char before anything further is said. At school, Char tells this to Mads while Derek is eavesdropping in the background. He then meets up with Alec and will only tell him what he knows if Alec lets him get back together with Char. Emma is fed up with the lies and takes it out on Laurel by lecturing her.
Sutton at the casino party
At the casino party, Sutton enters the game with a hundred dollars and manages to get down to thirty bucks before the guy who initially invites her takes over the spot of the dealer, rigging the game and enabling Sutton to win all her money back and more. Afterwards, the guy at the clinic calls Sutton to let her know that Annie has escaped.
Laurel and Justin talk in the courtyard.
Back at home, Laurel decides to take Emma's advice of honesty and talks to her mother. Ted, meanwhile, is hard on Justin who is led to believe that Ted isn't such a great guy after all. While Sutton is getting ready to leave Las Vegas, Lexi confesses that she knew all along that the girl claiming to be Emma was actually Sutton. Finally, Kristin finds the letter Sutton wrote to her parents while she was in jail. But before she could read it, Emma intercepts it and rips it up, saying that she wrote it when she was mad and that it contains things she doesn't mean now. However, she later tapes it back together and reads it to Ethan before realizing that she will have to leave soon and ponders how she will say goodbye and what she'll do when she leaves. Ethan replies with saying that he will follow her wherever she goes.

It's 7 hours 'till bedtime; I say watch, don't wait.

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