Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tower Heist (2011) Review

Tower Heist Movie Poster
Before I watched Tower Heist, I read a review about it in a magazine, which basically said that it was an okay comedy, B-. Honestly, that's kind of the impression I got from the movie too.

This movie is about a gang of disgruntled employees and a tenant of The Tower, got their money swindled their money in Arthur Shaw's (Alan AldaPonzi sceme. It stars Ben Stiller as Josh Kovacs and Eddie Murphy as a street punk named Slide who helps the awfully inexperienced group steal their money back.

Don't get me wrong, it was funny, but to me, the type of comedy that was featured was a little cheesy. I found it lacking any sort of intellect, as if all the writers could think of for jokes were something a nine-year-old would make up. I can't say which jokes specifically, but I can say that it's not very creative.

The plot: when I first saw the trailer of this, I immediately wanted to watch it. The idea of these ordinary workers attempting to rob 20 million dollars was just too interesting. You want to find out if they succeed, and what happens next. The character's emotions weren't portrayed very convincingly and I was confused at one point because of  all the intertwining events and stuff. It's like, "make up your mind already!", because you're in the middle of robbing someone. 

I admit I did not really pay attention to the shots or camera work but from what I do remember, it was maybe a little better than okay. Not amazing, but a lot of the shots really captured the scene well.

Also, and I just need to say it, somethings in the movie are just not possible. Have you ever heard of the Law of Physics? Seriously.

Overall, if you like that kind of comedy (let's describe it as "no substance, immature, and dirty", than you should see it. If you don't, save your money and watch it online or something, because although it's not worth it to watch it in a theatre, it's still interesting and you should definitely still see it in the future. 
I give this movie a B.

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And here's the trailer:
It's  8 hours 'till bedtime; I say watch, don't wait.

P.S. I may or may not be posting next week due to the holidays, but will definitely resume posting after the break.

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