Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Being Human: Some Thing to Watch Over Me [Review]

The third episode of Being Human last night on th SyFy channel was interesting.
I've noticed that at the end of every episode (or maybe just this one) most issues are resolved. I'm not talking about their long term problems like being a ghost, or having a narrow minded vampire "family". I'm talking about the problems that appear and gets solved within each episode. 

The point is, with a show like Being Human, I think having episodes follow one another like in a drama would be a more effective way to gain viewers than what it's doing now (but not that it doesn't work).

Anyway, I think the episode was interesting because of the things the characters discover about themselves. It's just interesting to see the, and their realizations. There is nothing really worth noting; like I said, all the issues were resolved and there were no dramatic or heart stopping moments of any kind.

Leave comments below on what you think of the latest episode of Being Human. Have you seen the show? What are your opinions of this remake (compared to the BBC original)?

It's 2 hours 'till bedtime; I say watch, don't wait.

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